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    1909-11 T206 White Borders Near Set (518) -#3 On the SGC Set Registry! This is the #3 set on the SGC Set Registry with a 56.8 GPA! Every T206 collector has an approach or style when accepting the challenge of putting together this enormous undertaking. This consignor seems to have gone with "get a nice card for the grade." From the NM/MT+ peak to the closing outro there doesn't appear to be one soft note in this harmonious symphony of color and quality. At 518 cards, the set is all but complete with Plank and "Magie" errors offered elsewhere in this auction. Adding a special layer of appreciation is the fact that over 85 cards (16.6%) display a scarcer tobacco brand including Tolstoi, Hindu and Carolina Brights. Of the 48 scarce Southern leaguers, a full third are represented by Old Mill or Hindu. Includes: Graded - SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 1 card, Donohue; SGC 86 NM+ 7.5: 5 cards including Gandil; SGC 84 NM 7: 10 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 38 cards including Beckley, Chase/Throwing-Dark Cap, Duffy, Evers/With Bat-Chicago On Shirt, Evers/With Bat-Cubs and Wallace; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 44 cards including Bresnahan/ Bat, Cobb/Portrait-Green, Flick, Griffith/Portrait, Joss/Pitching, Keeler/Batting and Marquard/Hands At Thighs; SGC 60 EX 5: 146 cards including Baker, Bresnahan/Portrait, G. Browne/Chicago, Brown/Chicago, Chance/Portrait-Red, Chase/Portrait-Blue, Chase/Portrait-Pink, Cicotte, Clarke, Collins, Jennings/One Hand, Johnson/Pitching, Mathewson/Dark Cap, Mathewson/White Cap, McGinnity, McGraw/Glove At Hip, Tinker/Bat Off Shoulder, Waddell/Portrait, Waddell/Throwing, Willis/Throwing and Young/Bare Hand Shows; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 224 cards including Bender/Pitching-No Trees, Bender/Portrait, Browne/Washington, Chase/Holding Trophy, Chase/Throwing-White Cap, Clarke/Holding Bat, Clarke/Portrait, Cobb/Portrait-Red, Cobb/Bat Off, Cobb/Bat On, Crawford/Throwing, Crawford/With Bat, Dahlen/Brooklyn, Elberfeld/Washington-Portrait, Huggins/Hands At Mouth, Huggins/Portrait, Jennings/Both Hands, Johnson/Portrait, Jones/Hands At Hips, Joss/Portrait, Keeler/Portrait, Kleinow/Boston, Lajoie/Portrait, Lajoie/Throwing, Lajoie/With Bat, Magee/Portrait, Marquard/Pitching Follow-Through, Marquard/Portrait, Mathewson/Portrait, McGraw/Portrait-With Cap, Speaker, Tinker/Hands On Knees, Tinker/Portrait, Walsh, Wheat, Willis/Portrait, Young/Glove Shows and Young/Portrait; SGC 40 VG 3: 49 cards including Bender/Pitching-Trees In Background, Brown/Cubs On Shirt, Brown/Portrait, Chance/Batting, Chance/Portrait-Yellow, Chesbro, Dahlen/Boston, Doyle/Hands Above Head, Evers/Portrait, Griffith/Batting, Jennings/Portrait, Kelley, McGraw/Finger In Air, McGraw/Portrait-No Cap and Tinker/Bat On Shoulder; SGC 30 Good 2: 1 card, O'Hara/St. Louis. Please see our web site for a detailed list of the contents of this special assembly.

    More Information:

    Includes: Graded - SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 1 card, Donohue;

    SGC 86 NM+ 7.5: 5 cards, Alperman, Flanagan, Gandil, Jacklitsch, Tannehill/L. Tannehill;

    SGC 84 NM 7: 10 cards, Abbott, Freeman, Guiheen, Hickman, Hummel, Leach/Bending Over, Miller, Schlei/Catching, Stovall/Batting, Warhop;

    SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 38 cards, Adkins, Ames/Hands Above Head, Atz, Bay, Beckley, Bell/Hands Above Head, Bernhard, Bowerman, Chase/Throwing-Dark Cap, Criger, Doolan/Doolin, Doyle/Portrait, Doyle/With Bat, Duffy, Evans, Evers/With Bat-Chicago On Shirt, Evers/With Bat-Cubs On Shirt, Ganzel, Gilbert, Greminger, Hayden, Howell/Portrait, Lattimore, Leifield/Pitching, Moeller, Mullaney, Murphy/Batting, Nichols, Paskert, Rudolph, Schlafly, Schmidt/Portrait, Spade, Stanage, Taylor, Unglaub, Wagner/Bat On Right Shoulder and Wallace;

    SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 44 cards,  Abbaticchio/Brown Sleeves, Barry, Batch, Bates, Beaumont, Bransfield, Brashear, Bresnahan/With Bat, Burchell, Cobb/Portrait-Green Background, Delehanty, Dorner, Downey/Batting, Flick, Griffith/Portrait, Grimshaw, Hahn, Howell/Hand At Waist, Jackson, Jordan/Batting, Joss/Pitching, Keeler/Batting, Kiernan, Manion, Marquard/Hands At Thighs, McIntyre/Brooklyn & Chicago, Mitchell, Murray/Batting, Oldring/Fielding, Parent, Phelan, Powers, Reulbach/No Glove Showing, Rhodes, Ritchey, Ritter, Rossman, Seymour/Batting, Shipke, Smith, Sullivan, Tannehill/Tannehill On Front, Williams and Wiltse/Pitching;

    SGC 60 EX 5: 146 cards, Abstein, Anderson, Armbruster, Arndt, Run Baker, Ball/Cleveland, Barger, Bastian, Berger, Bescher/Portrait, Blackburne, Bliss, Brain, Bresnahan/Portrait, Bridwell/Portrait-No Cap, Browne/Chicago, Brown/Chicago On Shirt, Burch/Batting, Burch/Fielding, Bush, Byrne, Camnitz/Arm At Side, Carey, Carr, Carrigan, Chance/Portrait-Red Background, Chappelle, Chase/Portrait-Blue Background, Chase/Portrait-Pink Background, Cicotte, Clarke, Clymer, Collins, Crandall/Portrait-No Cap, Davis, Delehanty, Devore, Bill Donovan/Portrait, Doolan/Batting, Doolan/Fielding, Dougherty/Arm In Air, Downs, Dygert, Easterly, Egan, Ellam, Engle, Ewing, Ferris, Fiene/Portrait, Fletcher, Fritz, Geyer, Graham, Gray, Groom, Hallman, Hannifan, Hart, Hart, Hemphill, Herzog/Boston, Herzog/New York, Hinchman, Hinchman, Hoblitzell, Hoffman, Hulswitt, Hunter, Isbell, Jennings/One Hand Showing, Johnson/Pitching, Jones/Portrait, Jones, Knight/Portrait, Lake/New York, Latham, Lavender, Leach/Portrait, Lennox, Sentz/Lentz, Livingstone, Lundgren/Kansas City, Magee/With Bat, Maloney, Mathewson/Dark Cap, Mathewson/White Cap, Mattern, McAleese, McElveen, McGann, Man McGinnity, McGraw/Glove At Hip, McIntyre/Brooklyn, McLean, McQuillan/With Bat, Milligan, Mitchell, Molesworth, Moran, Moriarty, Mowrey, Mullen, Mullin/Throwing, Mullin/With Bat, Murray/Portrait, Myers/Fielding, Needham, Oldring/Batting, O'Leary/Hands On Knees, Overall/Hands Waist Level, Owen, Pastorius, Payne, Phelps, Powell, Purtell, Puttmann, Quinn, Rhoades/Hands At Chest, Schaefer/Washington, Schirm, Schreck, Sharpe, Shaw, Smith/Chicago-White Cap, Smith, Snodgrass/Catching, Stahl/Glove Shows, Stark, Starr, Steinfeldt/With Bat, Stephens, Stone, Strang, Street/Catching, Summers, Tannehill, Tinker/Bat Off Shoulder, Waddell/Portrait, Waddell/Throwing, White, Willett, Willis/Throwing, Young/Bare Hand Shows, Young;

    SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 224 cards,  Arellanes, Barbeau, Barry, Becker, Bender/Pitching-No Trees In Background, Bender/Portrait, Bergen/Batting, Bergen/Catching, Bescher/Hands In Air, Birmingham, Bradley/Portrait, Bradley/With Bat, Bridwell/Portrait-With Cap, Browne/Washington, Burke, Burns, Butler, Camnitz/Arms Folded, Camnitz/Hands Above Head, Campbell, Casey, Cassidy, Charles, Chase/Holding Trophy, Chase/Throwing-White Cap, Clancy, Clarke/Holding Bat, Clarke/Portrait, Clarke, Cobb/Portrait-Red Background, Cobb/Bat Off Shoulder, Cobb/Bat On Shoulder, Coles, Collins, Congalton, Conroy/Fielding, Crandall/Portrait-With Cap, Cranston, Crawford/Throwing, Crawford/With Bat, Cree, Criss, Cross, Dahlen/Brooklyn, Davidson, Davis/H. Davis On Front, Demmitt/New York, Demmitt/St. Louis, Dessau, Devlin, Dineen, Donlin/Fielding, Donlin/Seated, Donlin/With Bat, Bill Donovan/Throwing, Dooin, Dougherty/Portrait, Downey/Fielding, Doyle/Throwing, Dubuc, Dunn, Durham, Elberfeld/New York, Elberfeld/Washington-Portrait, Ferguson, Fiene/Throwing, Ford, Foster, Frill, Ganley, Gasper, Gibson, Goode, Graham, Hall, Hartsel, Ross Helm, Hoffman, Hofman, Howard, Huggins/Hands At Mouth, Huggins/Portrait, Jennings/Both Hands Showing, Johnson/Portrait, Jones/Hands At Hips, Jones, Jordan, Jordan/Portrait, Joss/Portrait, Karger, Keeler/Portrait, Killian/Pitching, Killian/Portrait, King, Kisinger, Kleinow/Boston, Kleinow/New York-Catching, Kleinow/New York-With Bat, Kling, Knabe, Knight/With Bat, Konetchy/Glove Above Head, Konetchy/Glove Near Ground, Krause/Pitching, Krause/Portrait, Kroh, Kruger, Lafitte, Lajoie/Portrait, Lajoie/Throwing, Lajoie/With Bat, Lake/St. Louis-Ball In Hand, Lake/St. Louis-No Ball In Hand, Leifield/Batting, Liebhardt, Lindaman, Lord, Lumley, Lundgren/Chicago, Maddox, Magee/Portrait, Malarkey, Manning/Batting, Manning/Pitching, Marquard/Pitching Follow-Through, Marquard/Portrait, Mathewson/Portrait, McBride, McCauley, McCormick, McGinley, McGlynn, McGraw/Portrait-With Cap, McIntyre, McQuillan/Ball In Hand, Merkle/Throwing, Merritt, Miller, Moran, Murphy/Throwing, Myers/Batting, Nattress, Nicholls, Niles, Oakes, Oberlin, O'Brien, O'Hara/New York, O'Leary/Portrait, O'Neil, Otey, Overall/Hand Face Level, Overall/Portrait, Paige, Pelty/Horizontal Photo, Pelty/Vertical Photo, Perdue, Perring, Persons, Jeff Pfeffer, Pfeister/Seated, Phillippe, Pickering, Poland, Quillen, Randall, Raymond, Reagan, Reulbach/Glove Showing, Rhoades Right Arm Extended, Rockenfeld, Rucker/Portrait, Rucker/Throwing, Schaefer/Detroit, Schlei/Batting, Schlei/Portrait, Schmidt/Throwing, Schulte/Front View, Schulte/Back View, Scott, Seitz, Seymour/Portrait, Shannon, Shaughnessy, Shaw, Sheckard/No Glove Showing, Slagle, Smith/F. Smith On Front, Smith, Snodgrass/Batting, Speaker, Spencer, Stahl/No Glove Shows, Steinfeldt/Portrait, Stovall/Portrait, Street/Portrait, Sweeney, Tenney, Thebo, Thielman, Thomas, Thornton, Tinker/Hands On Knees, Tinker/Portrait, Titus, Turner, Wagner/Bat On Left Shoulder, Walsh, Weimer, Westlake, Wheat, White/Pitching, White/Portrait, White, Wilhelm/With Bat, Willett/Willetts, Willis/Portrait, Wilson, Wiltse/Portrait-No Cap, Wiltse/Portrait-With Cap, Wright, Young/Glove Shows, Young/Portrait, Zimmermann;

    SGC 40 VG 3: 49 cards,  Abbaticchio/Blue Sleeves, Ames/Hands At Chest, Ames/Portrait, Ball/New York, Beck, Bell/Pitching Follow Through, Bender/Pitching-Trees In Background, Breitenstein, Brown/Cubs On Shirt, Brown/Portrait, Chance/Batting, Chance/Portrait-Yellow Background, Chesbro, Conroy/With Bat, Covaleski, Cravath, Dahlen/Boston, Davis/Davis On Front, Doyle/Hands Above Head, Dunn, Elberfeld/Washington-Fielding, Evers/Portrait, Fromme, Griffith/Batting, Hooker, Howard, Jennings/Portrait, Kelley, LaPorte, Lipe, Lobert, Marshall, McGraw/Finger In Air, McGraw/Portrait-No Cap, Merkle/Portrait, Meyers, Milan, Orth, Pattee, Pfeister/Throwing, Revelle, Ryan, Seymour/Throwing, Sheckard/Glove Showing, Smith, Smith/Chicago & Boston, Sweeney, Tinker/Bat On Shoulder, Wilhelm/Hands At Chest;

    SGC 30 Good 2: 1 card,  O'Hara/St. Louis.

    Scarce brands:
    Carolina Brights (2 cards), Cycle (3 cards), El Principe De Gales (3 cards), Hindu-Brown (1 card), Hindu-Brown Southern Leaguer (1 cards), Old Mill (6 cards), Old Mill - Southern Leaguers (16 cards), Polar Bear (10 cards), Sovereign (30 cards), Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory 42 Overprints (5 cards), Tolstoi (9 cards).

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    May, 2012
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    19.5% of the successful bid (minimum $14) per lot.

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