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  This Month In Sports News:

  Collector News
Fifty-Year-Old Baseball Teams Represented With Stunningly Styled Gamers In Upcoming Auction

In a hobby where it is sometimes difficult to predict the investment potential of items, one thing is for sure — pieces representing milestones, rarity and significant events are always the most revered among collectors. Amazingly, Heritage Auctions' upcoming 2012 April Signature event will feature a pair of desirable baseball gamers, which possess all the previously mentioned characteristics, while each jersey originates from a franchise celebrating a half decade in existence.

1962 Charlie Neal Game Worn
New York Mets Jersey

Estimate: $6,000-$8,000

1962-64 Bob Aspromonte Game Worn
Houston Colt .45's Jersey

Estimate: $6,000-$8,000

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Sunday Internet Auction Highlights

HA.com/Sports is the place to be every Sunday night for collectors of fine sports memorabilia and trading cards.

Over 100 lots will close to initial bidding at 10 PM CT. On a lot-by-lot basis, starting at 10:00 PM CT, any person who has bid on the lot previously may continue to bid on that lot until there are no more bids for 30 minutes. For example, if you bid on a lot during Normal Bidding, you could participate during Extended Bidding for that lot, but not on lots you did not bid on previously. If a bid was placed at 10:15, the new end time for that lot would become 10:45. If no other bids were placed before 10:45, the lot would close. If you are the high bidder on a lot, changing your bid will not extend the bidding during the 30 Minute Ending phase (only a bid from another bidder will extend bidding).

No other major sports memorabilia auction house provides its clientele this much bidding excitement. It's just another reason why Heritage is the World's Largest Collectibles Auctioneer.

Call or email today to discuss consigning your fine sport collectibles and trading cards to an upcoming Heritage auction.

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Heritage Sports Experts' Consignment Trips

With Heritage Auctions' April 2012 Signature Auction right around the corner, our sports card and memorabilia experts will be travelling to California and New York for, what we hope to be, one of the most successful consignment trips during the first part of the New Year.

Heritage sports representative Mark Jordan will be in the Northern California area until January 22 picking up quality consignments, with the majority of his time to be spent in San Jose and Santa Rosa areas. If you have vintage sports cards, autographs or memorabilia please contact Mark at MarkJ@HA.com or his direct line at (214) 409-1187 to discuss your consignment and pickup.

East Coast collectors will also have a chance to visit with Heritage representatives, as we will be set up at the White Plains Sports Card Show on January 20-22 (Friday through Sunday) at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY. Featuring 300 tables, the popular show will host an impressive array of autograph guests, including Mike Piazza, John Franco, Mason Williams, Goose Gossage and others. To make an appointment with one of Heritage's sports experts in the White Plains area, please contact Derek Grady at DerekG@HA.com, (214) 409-1975 or Lee Iskowitz at LeeI@HA.com, (214) 409-1601.

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Website Tips: Outbid Notices via Text Message

Heritage can now notify you immediately by text message when you are outbid on any auction lot. To use this new service, just go to MyProfile and enter your mobile phone number. We will send you a confirmation text message. To activate this service, just reply to the confirmation message with 'yes'.

Heritage doesn't charge for this service, but standard text messaging rates may apply from your carrier. Text messages will not be sent between the hours of 10:30 PM CT and 8 AM CT, and any messages queued up during that timeframe will be sent at 8 AM the next morning.

This new feature is still in development. Your feedback is valuable in helping us improve the service, so please send comments to Webmaster@HA.com.

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  Consign Today

Top quality collectibles will also be given featured placement in print ads within such trade publications as Sports Collectors Digest, Sports Market Report and Beckett Elite, providing maximum hobby exposure. Generous cash advances are available. Call or email one of our consignment directors today to discuss your collection.

Chris Ivy
at 800 872-6467 ext. 1319
or email at CIvy@HA.com

Derek Grady
at 800 872-6467 ext. 1975
or email at DerekG@HA.com

Mike Gutierrez
at 800 872-6467 ext. 1183
or email at MikeG@HA.com

Mark Jordan
at 800 872-6467 ext. 1187
or email at MarkJ@HA.com

Lee Iskowitz
at 800 872-6467 ext. 1601
or email at LeeI@HA.com

Peter Calderon
at 800 872-6467 ext. 1789
or email at PeterC@HA.com

Jonathan Scheier
at 800 872-6467 ext. 1314
or email at JonathanS@HA.com

Chris Nerat
at 800 872-6467 ext. 1615
or email at ChrisN@HA.com

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  Employment Opportunities

As the fastest growing American-based auction house, financially rock-solid Heritage Auctions continues to grow and seek the best talent in the industry. If you are a specialist or have strong general collectibles knowledge, we want to hear from you. These specialists will, in some cases, head new departments and in others will enhance existing department expertise. We have positions open at our headquarters in Dallas as well as at our new state-of-the-art galleries in prime locations in both Midtown Manhattan and Beverly Hills.

Heritage is seeking to hire the world's best specialists in the following categories:

  • Asian Art Specialist: Dallas, Beverly Hills, or New York
  • European Art Specialist: Dallas, Beverly Hills, or New York
  • Firearms Specialist: Dallas
  • Modern & Contemporary Art Specialist: New York
  • Western Art Director: Beverly Hills or Dallas
  • World Coins Director: Hong Kong

If you are interested and feel you have the qualifications we seek, please email your resume and salary history to Experts@HA.com.

We are also seeking to fill the following corporate positions:

  • Bullion Coin Trader: Dallas
  • Cataloger — Movie Posters: Dallas
  • Cataloger - World Coins: Dallas, TX
  • Client Data Specialist: Dallas- Part Time
  • Consignment Coordinator - Fine & Rare Wine: Beverly Hills
  • Consignment Coordinator - Historical: Dallas
  • Consignment Coordinator - Jewelry: Dallas
  • Consignment Coordinator - U. S. Coins: Dallas
  • Desktop Support: Dallas
  • eBay Collectible Sales Specialist: Dallas
  • Graphic Designer: Dallas
  • Interns: Dallas, TX
  • Marketing Analyst: Dallas, TX
  • Operations Assistant - Arms & Armor: Dallas
  • Operations Assistant - Vintage Guitars: Dallas
  • Print Press Assistant: Dallas
  • Receptionist & Client Relations: Dallas
  • Senior Web Developer: Dallas
  • Settlements Clerk Dallas
  • Shipping Associate Dallas
  • SQL Developer Dallas

If you are interested in applying for one of these Corporate positions, please apply here.

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  Around Heritage

Exceedingly rare Calvin and Hobbes original artwork offered by Heritage Auctions in February

Bill Watterson Calvin and Hobbes
An incredibly rare piece of original, published Calvin and Hobbes artwork — 1989-90 Calendar Cover Watercolor Illustration Original Art (c. 1988) – by artist Bill Watterson, is expected to bring $50,000+ when it comes to auction as part of Heritage Auctions' Feb. 23 Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature event, at the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion (Ukrainian Institute of America), in New York City.

"Beyond the Peanuts comic strips of legendary cartoonist Charles Schulz, there is no more popular comic strip and certainly no strip where the original art is more in demand," said Todd Hignite, Vice President of Heritage Auctions. "The difference being that original Schulz work can be had at a variety of price points. Original Calvin & Hobbes artwork has, simply, never come up for public auction. There's really no telling how high collectors will be willing to go on this one."

Bill Watterson wrote and drew Calvin & Hobbes from 1985 to 1995 making the adventures of Calvin, a hyperactive little boy and his stuffed tiger and best friend, Hobbes, de rigueur reading for a generation of readers and now, subsequently, their children. The comic waxed from the poetic to the philosophical to the broadly comical, and never failed to deliver as it became one of the most important comic strips ever written.

Then, inexplicably, at the peak of the strip's popularity in 1995, Watterson called it quits, shuttering the adventures of the pair and breaking the hearts of millions of readers by publically stating he had achieved all he could with his beloved cast of characters. Unlike so many cartoonists, however, Watterson never sold any of his artwork, and rarely gave away any of as gifts or in trade.

"It's hard to state exactly how desirable this gorgeous piece of art is to collectors of all sorts, not just those interested in comic art," said Hignite. "This one has it all, truly. It shows Calvin & Hobbes in a rare moment of total peace and repose – it is the philosophical heart and soul of that great comic – and now one lucky and determined collector is about to realize a dream held dear by many hardcore collectors and non-collectors alike."

Watterson is one of the few cartoonists to have shunned the merchandising bonanza of a popular character and is widely known to be a very private person. Only a very small handful of originals have ever come onto the market, and none of them has ever been published, let alone so iconic. Nothing comparable by one of the most popular cartoonists of all time has ever been made available to collectors. The image area of this ink and watercolor masterwork is in pristine condition.

"You can look as closely at this as you want and I will still defy you to find a flaw in it," said Hignite. "It's in as pristine condition today as the day it was painted – there is absolutely no fading or discoloration of any kind."

This piece has a special provenance as it was in the collection of one of the American comic strips' most important historians and feature writers, Rick Marschall, known as the 'komic connoisseur,' to whom it is inscribed in the lower right corner from Watterson himself.

More information about comic & comic art auctions.

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  Sports Trivia
Instant Quiz:

Answer this quick question and see how you stack up against your peers.

Which television station broadcasted the first Super Bowl?

       A) Fox
       B) CBS
       C) NBC
       D) None of the Above
       E) Both CBS and NBC

Look for the answer, results and more details in the next issue of Heritage Sports News.

Last issue's question:

What stadium has hosted the most Super Bowl games?

C) Superdome (43%)Back to Top

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