Client Testimonials

Ethan Wayne shares his experience with Heritage Auctions
Ethan Wayne Discusses the Personal Property of the John Wayne Auction. Watch video. Read Testimonial
Heritage President Greg Rohan and Ryan Givens on the ANDERSON LIVE show, discussing the 1913 Nickel with Heritage client, Anderson Cooper
Heritage President Greg Rohan and Ryan Givens on the ANDERSON LIVE show, discussing the 1913 Nickel with Heritage client, Anderson Cooper. Watch video.

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Thank you for a great job with my posters. I’m thrilled with the price they realized. The photos were fantastic, the descriptions wonderful. I love the way the consignment page is set up.

I appreciated the fact you took the time to personally open and inspect the mail. I know you watched those posters until they were online. I appreciate how you’ve kept me informed every step of the way. I felt like I was on the auction floor. I appreciate all the behind the scenes work you did for me.

I want to thank you for the very fine-and I would say UNIQUE- service you have provided me over the past few years in the handling of my treasures. You have made the selling of parts of my collection a thoughtful and enjoyable experience-even more so than I could have imagined. It is in the following areas you have excelled:

Dedicated to work on my behalf. Promptly respond to inquiries. Personal review of my submitted items. Careful grading to insure accurate descriptions and estimates. Very knowledgeable. Personal interest in not only my collectibles, but also my interests. Additional research to fully realize each items value. Helpful in providing additional perspective for philatelic items including historical connections to philately. Attentive in recommending the best/most appropriate handling of my collectibles. Unsparing in time, allowing to completely discuss my collectibles and their disposition. Openly discuss material consigned, or to be consigned, and what might be good alternatives for their handling. Highest prices realized for my collections.

Again, it has been a genuine pleasure working with you, and I look forward to our ongoing working relationship.
Rick,  CA

My most significant auction purchase ever was my first experience with HA. I bought John Young’s Apollo 16 LM Flown Crewman Optical Alignment Sight from Space Exploration Auction 6033.

I have since purchased about a dozen Apollo artifacts through HA, and although I have also interacted with five other auction houses this year, HA stands head and shoulders above the rest. You would think Bonhams and such would try to differentiate on service, but only HA does. They make it difficult to bid online and to complete a transaction (good luck arranging your own shipper).

In fact, I cannot think of a better service-oriented firm, from any industry. Not Nordstrom, Blue Nile, or any other. I have interacted with countless people at HA over the past year, by email (172 times), phone and live bidding, and have had a quick, informative, helpful and confidence-building experience with every one.


Good Job. Keep doing auctions at major shows.
M.A.,  Fortson, GA

To get the most amount of money for your coins, you must go to an auction company such as Heritage. It really impressed me.
P.A.,  Benicia, CA

You have a great company. I have bid with your firm at least 11 years.
V.A.,  New York, NY

In arriving at the selection of Auctioneer, ANA has considered primarily the reputation, proficiency, and character of the Auctioneer and its ability to provide personnel of corresponding quality.
The American Numismatic Association,  Colorado Springs, CO

I am very enthusiastic about continuing to be a part of your auctions of original comic book art. Heritage has treated me most professionally. I was sent notifications every step of every auction, and the settlement checks for each sale were sent with such precision that I could forecast in which day’s mail the check would come.

Jared, you and Heritage treated me more than just regarded my comic book pages with more than understood that my comic pages represented my publishing career since 1948.

I am still producing, having just had published my auto-biography in three volumes and my first graphic novel, a Western based in the 1920’s...I’m so fortunate to have my son Richard working with me to carry the torch!
Dick and Lindy Ayers


It's hard to believe that all my worries about our coin collection are really over. Many, many thanks for all you did to accomplish this. The check arrived and is safely banked.
B.B.,  Fairfax, VA.

As a consignor to your recent silver, art glass and fine art auction, I want you to know how pleased I am with my decision to consign with Heritage Auction Galleries. It was certainly a leap of faith for me to send my treasured Tiffany silver tea set off in the mail to you. However, I found that my faith was well placed when my set realized far more than the price that I was offered by a local dealer.

Please also extend my compliments to your cataloging and marketing staff. The catalog was truly beautiful, and I was indeed pleasantly surprised to find that my consignment graced the cover. I'm sure that I also benefited from the prominent placement of my tea set in some of your impressive print advertisements in various national publications.

At every stage of the consignment process, I was reassured by your product knowledge and professionalism. I appreciate all that you did to ensure that my consignment realized the highest possible price, and look forward to working with you again in the future.
C. B.,  Leesburg, VA

Our participation in the Heritage Gallery Auctions on Friday and Saturday were very enjoyable, and we were impressed with every aspect of the auction operation.
E. & N. B.,  Littleton, CO

Heritage Auction Sales staff performed an outstanding service to this first time consignor.
J.B.,  Fairfax, VA

Heritage Numismatics is a well organized operation, drawing the world's numismatic treasures together, cataloging, then offering them to the collecting public. I've been involved with collecting coins since 1957. It's great doing business with your company.
J.B.,  Port Deposit, MD

Dear Mr. Rohan:

On behalf of our client, Caroline Kennedy, I wish to thank you for all of your assistance in facilitating an appropriate resolution of the issues surrounding the John F. Kennedy, Jr. gloves. We appreciate your recognition of the legal and other concerns raised by the proposed auction of these gloves, and the professional way in which you made sure that those concerns were addressed before an auction proceeded.

Proceeding as you did not only avoided a potentially awkward legal situation for your gallery and any purchaser. It also facilitated the transfer of this historic personal item to the Kennedy Library, which all parties promptly recognized was where they belonged.

You and your gallery are to be commended for your professionalism and integrity in resolving this matter.

Kevin T. Baine
[Entire Letter]
Kevin T. Baine, Esq., Williams & Connoly, LLP,  Washington, D.C.

When I began considering the sale of my collection of Mercury Dimes, I knew that many dealers would want to handle the transaction - after all, it was assembled with their astute help. Six different auction houses and dealers competed for the right to sell these wonderful coins. In the end, after careful investigation I chose the firm that I thought would do the best job and achieve the highest prices.

"My wisdom in selecting Heritage was confirmed by the unbelievable prices that you realized on my behalf 274% of Bluesheet, totaling $741,155. The results were astonishing - - Heritage sold my coins for double the most optimistic price that I had dreamed of!
[Entire Letter]
Louis Bassano, New Jersey State Senate,  Union, NJ

The pre-sale publicity was more than I imagined, and the actual catalog better than I had expected - and my expectations were high! And on behalf of the MacDonald family, I must add that the results were also most gratifying. I must also mention the joy with which the family responded to your press releases, advertisements, catalog biography, and even your catalog descriptions. Your comments and presentation paid appropriate tribute to a great collector, and the catalog will stand as a lasting memorial to a great collection.
[Entire Letter]
Jim Beasley, Tilden Coin Company,  Allamonte Springs, FL

I wanted to write this letter to thank you for the outstanding job that your firm and employees did in selling the seized coins for the Internal Revenue Service. When the coins went to sale, there were several hundred anxious bidders waiting to bid on these coins. The sale secured $156,290 for payment of delinquent tax liabilities. These proceeds are far in excess of any proceeds that would have been secured in a normal irs auction.
[Entire Letter]
William Beckham, Internal Revenue Service,  Dallas, TX

My decision to go with Heritage was right on target. I truly appreciate the job Heritage did. The complete end to end" service you provided me was simply unparalleled by anyone in the industry."
[Entire Letter]
Gregg Bingham

I wanted to take a moment to express how pleased I have been with all my auction consignments handled by Heritage. On the two occasions I consigned retired registry sets your firm did an outstanding job in obtaining excellent prices. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fair prices you offered and the fast payment I received when I chose to sell other coins directly to Heritage.

Perhaps the best part of my cosigning experience has been my realization that all cosigners, large or small, receive the same personal service and attention to detail at Heritage. I can recall how you spent time with me to select realistic reserves for all my coins. All those coins subsequently sold.

One event in particular cemented my trust in Heritage. That was when one coin purchased at a Heritage auction could not be crossed to another grading company's holder. Heritage numismatists examined the coin, identified the problem and submitted the coin to NCS on my behalf. Thereafter you shepherded the coin through the grading process and it crossed successfully.

Thank you for all your help and I look forward to working with you again on future consignments.
Mark Blauer,  Nescopeck, Pa


I like to express my gratitude and praise to Heritage Auction Galleries. Your friendly and knowledgeable staff does an excellent job. My experience of buying and selling went well. Your web site is truly remarkable. With all these; friendly people, highly professional staff, superb web site makes you a winner. I also want to thank Jason Friedman for his hard work and commitment to my goals for buying and selling at Heritage. Thank you.
V.M.C,  San Leandro, CA

I received my Cincinnati Auction catalog and it is magnificent. I am very pleased with the descriptions and groupings of my coins, and looking forward to this being a great sale.
D.O.C.,  Stockton, CA

Jim & Steve treated me exceptionally fairly, even to the point of over-extending themselves on my behalf.
H.C.,  Huntington Beach, CA

This was my first time with your firm. I was pleased with all aspects of your handling my bids.
J.C.,  Albron, NC

I contacted Heritage Auction House about auctioning our Olin Travis painting "Lakeside" and our W.R. Thrasher bluebonnett painting. Heritage was so knowledgeable about our paintings and answered all of our questions. They were also very understanding and respectful of our situation and our need to sell our family treasures.

From the time that I took our paintings to Heritage she kept in contact with me either by e-mail or by phone. We were very honored that "Lakeside" was featured on the front of the auction catalog and the article about it was accurate and exceptional.
M. & P. C.,  Dallas, TX

My first auction experience and it was all I expected and then some. BRAVO.
M. C.,  Flower Mound, TX

I believe Heritage did a very good job of the cataloging. I am very pleased overall!
P.C.,  Lexington, SC

Your catalog descriptions are superb.
P.C.,  Round Lake, IL

You do an excellent job providing the collector with a great choice of coins.
T.T.C.,  Mobile, AL

As a first time consignor, I was very pleased with my experience with Heritage from the first call to cashing the check!
X.C.,  Palo Alto, CA

The pre and post sales experience was wonderful and flawless. Heritage has the best in-house operation I have ever seen and their people are not only professional but fun to work with, especially Steve C.

As for Heritage's online system… Yes the interface is more complex than what we are used to with SAN but what is behind that interface is amazing for sellers and buyers alike. It is real time and for a real serious auction buyer there is nothing better in the auction industry, bar none.
Ron Cipolla,  AZ

Another super auction! As a consignor, I am very pleased with the results.
Russ Cochran

Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said fasten your seatbelts! Thanks for putting me right up in the front row of the inaugural ride!! That was one crazy scary ride. And with that auctioneer behind the controls, I was expecting the wheels to fall off! Did you guys borrow him from the sports auctions section, or something? Just kidding, but I’m quite sure you’ll be hearing plenty about that guy from some of the other consignors!

It was great to be able to watch the auction online. I still can’t believe it. Although I didn’t watch the whole auction, I was watching when my little belt came up for bid. I also just looked over the prices realized for the items. I’m sure that there are some mixed feelings there, especially since some of the “big ticket” items did not sell. I guess I’m just thankful to be one of the lucky ones tonight.

I don’t know if it would eventually be possible to find out who the successful bidder on the belt was, but I would really like to find out, if possible. I keep telling my kids that I hope Greg Page (the former yellow Wiggle) bought it. (I was a huge Wiggles fan several years ago when my kids were younger, and they love to tease me about it). Really, I just hope that the belt eventually ends up on public display somewhere.
Tim Cottle

May I express my appreciation for the fine job you and Heritage did in the sale of my collection at last years A & A and fall Long Beach Shows. Though I was unable to personally attend either sale, I can say otherwise that execution was trouble free from initial viewing of the collection to delivery to wired funds settlement.
[Entire Letter]
Hugh Courteol,  Palo Alto, CA

We have been very pleased with our decision to consign our extensive comic book collection to Heritage Auction Galleries. It was Heritage's promised professionalism that attracted us. We have not been disappointed… It's an exciting, slightly unnerving venture for us, but we are comforted that Heritage is running our show.
Cynthia Crippen,  NY

Lest it go unsaid, as it too often does, I just wanted to write and say thank you. I am very pleased with the results thus far, and feel that my reliance upon your guidance and advice about certain critical questions has been well placed. You know your business. And, from this client's perspective, you are tending to your job meticulously.

I know that Heritage is a force - obviously some brilliant and creative minds have been at work building/improvising its business model. It seems to me an enlightened kind of situation, because it is doing very well for itself by providing good service and genuine value to the clients who entrust it with things not only of value, but dear to them. Everybody donws that any powerhouse is only as good as it's people.
Paul H. Crockett,  Miami, fL


Your performance in handling auctions should be used as industry standards for other auction companies to rise to!
G.D.,  Albany, NY

Thank you for all of your help and professionalism. We met with Greg today, and sold most of our coin collection to him and your company, including our Stella. We are satisfied with what we received. We will be glad to do business with your company again in the near future and will recommend your company to our friends who collect coins.

From my experience, you conduct and operate the auction in a very professional manner. Your staff is understanding and courteous.
J.D.,  Lakewood, CO

A very classy operation.
K.D.,  Cumberland, RI

A very professional operation.
R.D.,  Maspeth, NY

Thank you so much for your yeoman effort to showcase the Julius Reiver collection to its greatest advantage. Every department at Heritage performed beautifully, from photography and cataloging to printing and the auction itself.
[Entire Letter]
Betsy Reiver DeMarino, V.M.D.,  Unionville, PA

I have now had four successful auctions with Heritage and plan on at least several more with your firm. They have saved me an immense amount of time and effort while obtaining very satisfactory prices for the many and varied coin lots I had.
[Entire Letter]
Lowell J. DeMers, CPA,  Los Angeles, CA

Recently, Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. completed the sale of rare coins and gold bullion seized as a result of a dea investigation. I would like to take this opportunity to express dea's appreciation for the outstanding work and expertise your office provided in handling this sale. As you are well aware, the estimated direct sale value of these coins was placed at 1.7 million dollars. As a result of Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc., the coins actually brought in excess of 2 million dollars, a quarter of a million dollars in excess of the direct sale value. Needless to say, after working with you and your people and witnessing the sale firsthand, I have no doubt this success is attributable to your professionalism in the management and promotion of this valuable consignment.

When we were initially considering how best to liquidate these coins, we spoke to Lee Schaaf at the FDIC. Your expertise came highly recommended. Now I know why. The careful handling of the consignment, the energetic promotion to collectors and dealers through advertising and direct mail, the smooth organization of the sale and, of course, the stunning results stand as a testament that your reputation is well deserved. The next time another liquidation like this one comes along, I will certainly recommend Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. with complete confidence. Thank you for a thoroughly diligent and professional job.
[Entire Letter]
Thomas Dolan, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Agency,  Denver, CO

What a great choice we made. The publicity your marketing generated was fabulous, and your internet system is beyond belief. Over half the coins had already met or exceeded our expectations before the floor session even started! At your Central States convention Signature auction itself, over a half-million dollars worth of our coins found new homes, shattering numerous price records in the process. Then, after the sale, you helped us even further, and now the entire collection has been dispersed. Perfectionists are never easy to please, and we're no exception. But frankly, we are thrilled.
[Entire Letter]
Bill and Gloria Dominick,  Park Ridge, NJ

I would like to thank you for your professionalism and the sale of our coins to date.

We were certainly surprised to see that one of our coins was in the stratosphere as far as I am concerned.

My wife is talking to someone in your gallery concerning some art work. We are very sold on your company and on you.
Robert Douglas,  Robinson, IL


A.E.,  Plaistow, NH

Your entire organization deserves to be complimented on how professional and cooperative they were.
B.V.E,  San Jose, CA

I appreciate the comfort level when consigning with Heritage -- I know the job will be done right.
S.E.,  Torrance, CA

I was impressed and encouraged by the thoughtful, low key presentation you made — frank, no sales talk and no big promises. You gave me several alternatives and explained the pros and cons of each. I concluded that you were someone I could trust and that you would do a good job for me. And you sure did!
[Entire Letter]
Raymond Epstein


Excellent-relaxed and friendly staff, from Jim & Steve on down.
A.F.,  Newtonville, MA

Your overall service is very good. The quality of the catalogs for major sales are superior and very accurately described.
M.F.,  Elmwood Park, IL

It is with great pleasure and no reservation that I am writing this letter to you. In the course of selling coins over the past few years you have been my contact. At all times I found you knowledgeable, interested in the coins, and you placed each coin in the right auction. You treated me with honesty and respect, and my Heritage experience is very positive. Thank you for all you have done for me.
P.F.,  Puyallup, Wa

I have been extremely pleased with my involvement with Heritage Auctions. It is a very professional operation, well executed with no confusion. I have been very impressed with the courtesy of everyone involved.
R.F.,  Murfreesboro, TN

Regarding the New Make an Offer beta program, just stumbled across this feature in the comic section. All I have to say is WOW!! This will be a game-changer for you. A brilliant move.
S.,  Wellesley, MA

Due completely to Heritage's thoroughly diligent and professional management and promotion of the collection, the faraday Collection stirred national attention among numismatists and the auction results brought a gross value greater than that last estimated by the experienced collector, David M. faraday. Moreover, Heritage identified a very rare coin from the faraday collection and featured it on the cover of the convention catalog. Later, that coin became the piece that brought the greatest “hammer price” and applause from the admiring audience. Furthermore, Heritage's additional promotion of major rare and quality pieces from the faraday Collection created supplementary recognition in the Coin World and The Numismatist trade publications.
[Entire Letter]
The Estate of David M. Faraday,  San Rafael, CA

On behalf of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, I wish to extend our appreciation to you for over $925,000.00 realized from the above subject auction. This amount realized was approximately $110,000.00 more than we anticipated.
[Entire Letter]
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,  Newport Beach, CA

It is with a sense of tremendous gratitude that I wish to convey my sincere appreciation to you for the manner in which you managed the recent sale of my currency collection.
[Entire Letter]
Thomas Flynn,  Scottsdale, AZ


I recently consigned a coin to the Heritage Signature Sale in Long Beach, California on September 23, 2005. I consigned my coin and worked with Sam Foose, Consignment Director. Sam was very helpful and understood my goals. I have worked with Sam in the past. He is a knowledgeable and great guy to work with. I can't say enough about the man.

The coin I consigned to the signature sale sold for over double the price of my reserve. When I heard the hammer price of the coin, I could not believe it!

I highly recommend Heritage Auctions, Inc. to anyone consigning coins. Their catalogues are superior in quality and design; the history of the consigned coins is excellent, interesting and informative and the Internet is very helpful! I feel Heritage Auction, Inc. has some of the best people in the industry working for the company, from the management down to those helping you view the coins.
B.G.,  La Handa, CA

Thank you so much for all the work and effort you put in the Hellinger material. It really showed. You did a wonderful job sorting and presenting the material, thank you. And thank you too for keeping us informed. You made us feel right at home.

Thank you for embracing us so warmly, we really had a lot of fun with you. Heritage helped us feel we served the memory of our uncle with respect for his life's work and Heritage reflected that respect. You make a great team and gave us all a most memorable experience. We hope to work with you again some time in the future.
C., A., L., & H. G.,  Northport, NY

Both my contacts were professional & courteous. I found it reassuring that your appraisal of my coin was realistic.
J.G.,  Red Rock, TX

Great coins, lovely catalogs, accurate description and grades (whether raw or slabbed). If you cannot view the coins personally, you can still bid with confidence, something you cannot say about all competitors.
M.G.,  New City, NY

Jim - Thanks very much for your email. You are runnning a first class organization at Heritage so make sure everyone keeps up the good work. When I do sell my collection I look forward to seeing it presented in a Heritage catalogue.

Excellent company and auction presentations.
P.G.,  Pratt, KS

Excellent and informative catalogs. Impressive number of desirable lots.
R.G.,  Finksburg, MD

Heritage was thoroughly professional, and sensitive, in the handling of this portion of my collection. The coins were analyzed carefully, cataloged, photographed and presented; we discussed pre-sale estimates and probable prices realized. Those estimates accurately reflected the market, and I would have been happy to achieve them.
[Entire Letter]
David Ganz (Distinguished Past President of the American Numismatic Association),  New York, NY

I cannot thank you enough for the time you took examining and inventorying the widely diverse inventory. The fact that you sold it all" right down to the cheap bulk lots and modern and foreign, and weren't just interested in the best pieces, speaks volumes to Heritage's reputation as the best in numismatics. I might also add that the promotion of the sale was excellent, which was surely a contributing factor in the prices realized from the sale exceeding even your presale estimate by 10-15%."
[Entire Letter]
Jay Goldman,  Phoenix, AZ

We’ve been meaning to email you, but figured you had your hands full with this auction. We watched it live and ALMOST didn’t survive the bidding... I don’t think either of our hearts have ever pounded so hard. I was at work and Kevin was at home, so we were each watching on our laptops while on the phone with each other. When it was over I asked Kevin what he thought and he burst into tears. I certainly didn’t expect of course, I burst into tears as well. I wasn’t sure if he was happy, or feeling super-guilty, and I was really worried about him. I kept asking if he was ok, and when he stopped crying he said, “We can do a lot for Aiden with that.” :-) So I am SO relieved he was very happy with the outcome (as was I)!!!

Thanks again for all your hard work, advertising, promotion, etc. Your auctioneer also did a BEAUTIFUL job “talking up” the ball...we were really impressed with her, and thankful as well. Tell her “thank you” for us. Thanks to ALL of you, from the bottom of our hearts!!!
Kevin and Stacy Greene

On behalf of Frito Lay, I would like to again extend my deepest “Thank You” to you and your team at Heritage Auction Galleries for your exceptional efforts with the recent auction of a number of our selected fine art and vintage photo pieces. Your team did an exceptional job of exceeding our expectations in the advertising, handling and actual auction. You delivered on every commitment you made, including getting the maximum return on the pieces your firm auctioned for us with minimal demand or effort on our internal team.

Your team did an excellent job supporting every step in the process. Pre-bid advertising exceeded our expectations. Your photography team, that took the photos for the advertising catalogues and on-line advertising, made sure every piece was presented in the best representation of the original fine art or photograph. Your team, also, respected our desire to keep our company’s identity low key in order to minimize inquiries or calls that would have been disruptive during the auction process.

But most of all, we were pleased with the amazing outcome, which we are certain was possible because of the passion and care you had for the fine art and photo collection and the ability to attract both local and international bidding audience. The partnership of your team with our internal staff drove results that exceeded all of our expectations and was well recognized at our highest executive management level.
George A. Guck
Director, Facilities and Corporate Services
Frito Lay


I would rate your performance excellent. In addition, should I ever have any questions on any lots, I always know I can obtain top notch professional advice.
D.H.,  Greeley, CO

Your company always strives to accommodate any reasonable request.
E.H.,  Ft. Worth, TX

Heritage: The industry leader in auction catalogs.
H.H.,  Arlington, VA

I think your auction firm is an asset to the hobby.
J.H.,  Durango, CO

I like your professional methods. Lot viewing is usually very easy & your assistants very accommodating.
M.H.,  Eugene, OR

I have been very pleased with the quality of coins offered and the efficiency and courtesy of your staff. Keep up the good work.
M.H.,  Swarthmore, PA

I just wanted to write you a note regarding the sale of what was formerly my volume 1 of The Federalist. I am overjoyed at the fact that I chose Heritage to auction the book.Your guidance on the AP story, which ended up on the home page for both Yahoo and AOL, created something I absolutely did not expect. It resulted in a whirlwind of press and exposure to over 400 news markets, not only in the U.S., but to the far reaches of the globe. Little did I know that I would quickly be a celebrity. Well, because of that exposure, which can be directly attributed to you and your marketing department, the Heritage web page for the book reached over 25,000 page views in twenty-four hours.

All of that exposure ended up driving the price of the auction to the amazing amount of $95,600 dollars with the buyer’s premium. I have no doubt in my mind that Heritage Auction Galleries is by far the most professional and robust organization of its kind in the market. I would recommend your services to anyone who was considering auctioning collectibles. From you, Joe Fay, to the auctioneer who sealed the deal with a touching and emotional introduction of the book and my story, you all did an outstanding job! Once again, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done.

Very professional and pleasant to work with.
R.H.,  Townsend, MA

Overall performance is excellent. Your staff is professional yet courteous.
W.S.H.,  Denver, CO

You will never be ripped off, scammed, or knowingly sold fakes on Heritage's ongoing online coin auctions, and sometimes the deals are amazing! One of my favorite ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon is to cyber-cherrypick through Heritage's wonderful, clear, huge images, looking for the overlooked minor doubled die, repunched mintmark, or other variety. As if current auctions weren't enough, Heritage has a free online archive of more than a million coin images! You can do price research, grade comparisons, you name it (heck, I could almost write a whole article about the ways to use Heritage's Web site!).
Susan Headley
Coin Host/Journalist,,  New York, NY

Anne and I want to thank you for the professional handling of the auction of our California national currency collection. We could not be more proud of it especially based on the truly wonderful catalog you produced. The response and comments we have recieved (and are still recieving) make us very proud... Last but not least we were very pleased with the monetary results of the auction.
[Entire Letter]
Lowell Horwedel,  West Lafayette, IN


The catalogs are beautifully done and are a very valuable instrument for keeping up with what is happening in the coin world.
F.I.,  Twin Lake, MI

The humble lots consigned to your Bullet sale (by me) were pleasantly, courteously, and professionally accepted by your staff.
J.I.,  Carson, CA


Thanks again for all of your wonderful work -- much of which has been far beyond the call of duty!
L.S.J.,  Houston, TX

I would really like to extend my gratitude and much appreciated support after my husband's death. The whole staff at Heritage made the difficult process of selling my husband's treasured collection much less painful through their understanding.
S.J.,  Clarksburg, WV

Your staff are well trained and I enjoy the auction operation.
W.T.J.,  Chesapeake, VA

I just wanted to thank you for putting out one of the BEST Collectible magazines I have read in a while. Being a collector of 40 years and a dealer for 20 years I have seen alot of Antique Trade publications come and go. This is one of the few magazines that I read every article. I like the wide variety of collectibles your writers cover. I am looking forward to the next issue.
Jeff Jaeger


Catalogs are fantastic!
B.K.,  Aiea, HI

I believe the quality of your auction service represents a goal to which all other auction companies aspire.
D.K.,  Carmel, IN

I have done volume business with you and never regretted it.
J.K.,  Redford, MI

Thanks so much for all you did! I was very pleasantly surprised by what the coin sold for. Received the check last week, my kitchen redecorating starts next week. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
M.K.,  Albany, NY

After speaking with Mr. Jim Jelinski, I decided it was time to consign my husband's coin collection. It was a difficult decision because Dale had loved his collection and I knew it had to be in the hands of professionals who were also sensitive to the issues of a widow. Throughout the process I found Mr. Jelinski to be knowledgeable about coins and patient with my many questions (some he anticipated), including helping me learn to navigate your computer-friendly online sire. I know I would not have consigned with Heritage if I had not had such positive telephone conferences with him.

I remember being nervous before meeting Leo Frese and David Mayfield. They met me at my bank to appraise the collection and I was immediately put at ease when they exhibited the same enthusiasm for coins that I had always felt from my husband. They did not pressure me and acted with great courtesy and professionalism.

All but one of the consignable coins have been sold. And when I am ready to let go of the 1856 flying Eagle, I will call you. I have the highest regard for your company and look forward to doing business with Heritage in the future.

I want you to know how much I appreciated the honor that all of your work bestowed on my father. The photographs, the write-up about the collection, and the bids received would have made him very proud. Dad predicted that his coins would command a premium; they did, and I am very happy with the results.
[Entire Letter]
Edwin Katten

Dear Steve,

Special thanks for the handling the estate of my beloved grandfather, Jack L. Klausen. His passing was a confusing and challenging time. As you know, my grandfather had been a coin dealer for over 40 years. Fortunately, for us, he had planned to place his collection with Heritage in his remaining days.

From the consigning with Bob Merrill, the cataloging by Bob Korver, to the personal updates from you, I felt comfortable with the handling of such an important collection. The advertising was ample and the catalog descriptions from the legendary pioneer gold expert, Donald. H. Kagin, PhD, spoke volumes of the quality that Heritage had to offer.

The auction results exceeded our expectations and the settlement was prompt. I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend them to someone else.


Ken Klausen
For the Jack L. & Winifred Klausen Family Trust


Professional presentation, accurately described coins. My telephone dealings with your staff shows them to be very responsive and customer-service oriented.
D.L.,  Charlotte, NC

Keep up the good work!
D.L.,  Los Angeles, CA

I have found my experience with Heritage to be honest, straightforward and very businesslike. You have always tried to accommodate my needs and desires and have done a very good job. Keep up the good work.
J.D.L.,  Vidalia, GA

This was my first bid, by mail, in one of your auctions and I was very pleased with every aspect.
J.L.,  Ft. Wayne, IN

good job!!!! Just wanted to let you know that I got good customer service.

Lost out on the cockrum xmen about 10k more than i thought at 50k but someone just wanted it more. Did win the FF annual cover so that was nice.

anyway, thanks for your help and looking forward to future auctions.
J.L.,  Garden Grove, CA

Very thorough, almost scholarly. Very accurate and honest. Kept the catalog as a future reference volume.
M.L.,  Rosemont, IL

Thank you for the outstanding job you did selling my comic book art. You got me a price that exceeded my wildest dreams!! Who knew that something that has been sitting in a desk for over 20 years would be worth over $30,000? The level of expertise and professionalism from everyone on your staff from the very beginning to the end was exceptional.
Ed Lambert,  TX

Far as I'm concerned, the real superheroes are those great guys at Heritage. I really lucked out when I met 'em 'cause they got me prices that exceeded my wildest expectations, plus it was a real kick to work with them. I don't want this to sound like a TV commercial but, so help me Spidey, there's no one I'd rather entrust with my collection. Excelsior!
Stan Lee

We were comfortable through the whole process because of the friendly yet professional approach Heritage took, from shipping instructions to the contract… When we received the catalog featuring our strip, we were thrilled – it was a great way to keep a memory of something that had been in our family for years, and we found the rest of the catalog fascinating and well-written as well… The end result was more than worth it – even after Heritage's reasonable commission, we realized more than your estimate had been!
Jennifer Lindsay,  New Orleans

On behalf of our Central States Family, I wish to express our sincere appreciation for a great auction held at our 63rd Anniversary Convention in Columbus, Ohio, last week. As your sale totals attest, expectations were exceeded in every respect. Our Board voted to negotiate another three-year contract with your firm for upcoming auctions. It has been a genuine pleasure to be associated with your excellent company. Best wishes for the future.
Ray Lockwood,
Immediate Past-President
Central States Numismatic Society,  Marion, Indiana

I just received my summer issue of your magazine. I was so pleased with it I had to sit right down and write to you. I have been a collector and had antique shops for a long, long time. I never had a reference type magazine like yours, which I would have loved. It taught me a lot in just one issue.

I always mark the pages in magazines that I want to look back on and reread. Almost every page in your magazine has my marker on it. I shall be busy reading for a long while. Thank you again. Keep up the good work. I hope to be able to consign with you soon.
Jeanne Lynch,  Reading, MA


I never attend a Heritage auction that I don't leave with a treasure in my pocket.
A.M.,  Oceanside, CA

I am writing to let you know what a great experience I feel it has been working with you as a representative of Heritage Auction Galleries. I appreciated very much your quick response to phone calls, the time you took to answer my questions and the efficiency of the whole transaction.
C.M.,  Carmichael, CA

I am pleased to express my appreciation for the studies evaluation and apperception of my lifetime art collection of the 60’s and 80’s. Express my appreciation for the editorial quality of documentation of artist/artisan creations. Express my appreciation of the publications superiority that your graphics personal achieved in the media/internet presentations. Express my appreciation in the team-family-attitude which the full staff asked me to join to complete the final auction success.

As art director for the framed Braniff International Airways I was known as a never-satisfied-media-task-master. Today, I stand gladdened and honored that your staff members worked as though the collection was their own to return to the world. Congratulations on a job well done… strike that, add...for a job magnificently done.

The folks at Heritage have always given their best in regards to my consignments and have assisted me time and time again.
J.M.,  Laguna Beach, CA

You always do an excellent job at all your auctions I have attended.
J.M.,  San Antonio, TX

Overall, I think you are doing an excellent job, particularly with your Signature sales.
M.M.,  Scottsdale, AZ

I think your auction is the best one I have ever participated in. It is well done!
R.M.,  Ft. Collins, OH

Great performance. Checks on time.
T.M.,  Birmingham, AL

I think Heritage is the best in the business.
T.M.,  Ukiah, CA

I would also like to thank your auction company for the promotion of the auction and was pleasantly surprised by the number of bidders who attended, as well as the prices realized. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
[Entire Letter]
Warren Miller

Total proceeds from the sale of my collection were only a few dollars short of equaling Gray Sheet" ask! An amount significantly in excess of what a dealer would offer. In fact, even after commissions, the net proceeds were far more than I expect a dealer would have offered. As a result, I believe using Heritage was one of the smartest financial decisions I ever made."
[Entire Letter]
Douglas Mitchell

Today I received the settlement check for the University coins sold at the Long Beach auction. I want to thank you and Heritage for the services provided above and beyond those one would expect from an auction house.
[Entire Letter]
Larry A. Moody, Senior Internal Auditor, University of Alabama,  Tuscaloosa, AL

Heritage did everything splendidly to ensure that the coins would bring the best prices possible in the public market. In spite of foreshortened deadlines, the full color promotional brochure was exemplary and the catalog a front-runner among all the coin auction catalogs we have ever seen. Both color and black and white photographs were of the highest clarity and descriptions (with certifications) well-complimented the plates to give potential buyers the best possible information to weigh their bids.
[Entire Letter]
Museum of Connecticut History of Hartford, CT,  Hartford, CT


It’s been 5 months since you came down to Metuchen but I often think about the experience I had departing with my trusted comic book collection. Overall, I had a truly positive experience with Heritage. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend you to other comic book collectors or owners of fine arts. You made the sale of hundreds of my books easy to deal with and I liked the way you broke it up over a period of months to even out the auction outcomes. Again, thank you for your professionalism.

Very courteous, pleasant and professional!
G.N.,  Jacksonville, FL

You are the Rolls-Royce of auction companies. Your ads & catalogs are the most attractive, creative, professional looking, and grammatically correct.
P.N.,  Hunt Valley, PA

Your catalog for this auction is the most beautiful I have ever seen! What a great job on colors & presentation.
R.N.,  Spring Lake, MI


It was a pleasure doing business with Heritage in Indianapolis. I look forward to your future sales.
E.O.,  Indianapolis, IN


Rock & Roll with Heritage into the 21st century of numismatics.
J.P.,  Euclid, OH

I'd just like to send my appreciation for the superb customer service I received from your employees at this weekend's show. I participated in the Bullet Auction on Saturday and your staff was most helpful and hospitable. On Friday, I had a collection to sell and availed myself of your free appraisal". Your staff was very helpful and gave pretty good insight. Unfortunately, I had promised someone that I would give him first crack at the collection and we had agreed to some preset parameters. Had I not given my word to that gentleman, I would have probably gone directly back to your tables and consigned them to Heritage. I've participated in several of your Internet auctions and bought some coins from Paul. He was great at followup. Lastly, I'd really like to send my apprecation to Marti in your credit department. I was not fully prepared when I showed up to auction and didn't have all the information I needed. She has been exceptionally helpful today in helping me get it straightened out. Just thought I'd let you know that your customer service is great."

I was very pleased with the outcome of Friday's auction. I enjoyed watching the process on video and was very impressed with the mix of informality and professionalism; which I know takes years of practise.

You guys are very, very good.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anybody else who may have something interesting to sell. I hope we can do business again in the future.
S. P.,  Carlisle, United Kingdom

You helped me sell 2 Wieghorst paintings which my father acquired from Olaf on the movie set of John Wayne’s movie McClintock. I can’t thank you enough for the effort you put forth in selling the paintings. The auctioneer really personalized the paintings and told a lot about them. My mother felt good about selling them with Heritage. She said it was like a tribute to my father and whomever bought them probably appreciated them and gave them a good home. Thanks again for the hard and professional work you’ve done on our past items.
John Pender


Heritage has been my number ONE choice for both buying and selling coins for the last five years-and will be for the next ten as well!
J.Q.,  Reston, VA


Hey hope you had a prosperous trip thank you for having Rusty call and confirm my bids. It is a pleasure working with you personally and with all your associates. Your company enables me to have the utmost trust and confidence in dealing with a coin Co. I hope we can continue building our relationship in the future. Again my sincere thanks and be well.

When things started to go south in my business, I decided it was time to sell some of my cherished art collection. I had no idea where to start, what the pieces were worth today and, frankly, who to trust in this mater. I searched the internet to get some ideas as to their value and came across Heritage Auctions. I wholeheartedly recommend Heritage Auctions to anyone interested in selling their art, coins, books or any of the specialty items they handle.

Heritage offers extensive and professional auction services.
M.R.,  Merrick, NY

I just returned from Christmas vacation and I am in receipt of the check for the Charles Schulz ... what a very nice pre$ent ... perfect size and just the right color!

"Thank you so much for all your help. The experience was very good and truly effortless ... you made it so easy for me and I sincerely appreciate your time and help. And who knows, perhaps in the future I may have some other items of interest for another Heritage Auction..."
M.R.,  San Francisco, CA

Though the other companies put up a good fight, Heritage is the best bar none. Customer service is your greatest asset.
T.R.,  Kula, HI

I hope you got my phone message about how thrilled we were at the results of our sale. I know that you had a great deal to do with it and we thank you very much. We have now sold all clocks and watches from my dad’s collection, and we have kept a few for ourselves, family and friends. Without your help, I don’t think we would have been nearly as successful on the prices, but more than that, we have peace of mind that we did the best we could do for our dad.
Suzan Roper

It has been such a pleasure working with you, and I’m very happy with the results of the sales … You were so “on target” with your estimates ... Great job! This is my first experience with Heritage, and it has been great. I really feel that the marketing was outstanding …. I appreciate all of your work, your expert advice, and the “hand-holding” as I ventured out into the world of the consignments & auctions for the first time! This whole experience has been such an education... and so much fun! I know you are busy and have much yet to do, but I did want to thank you for all you did to contribute to a very enjoyable experience!
Kathleen Rotert

Please give a big thank you to the entire Heritage team who made this happen. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and Heritage delivered beyond our expectations.
Cheryl Rubin, Sr. Vice President-Brand Management DC Comics,  New York, NY


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding work you have done in auctioning my comic book collection. We have been very satisfied with the results so far and look forward to continued success.

When I decided to liquidate my collection in order to be able to send my two daughters to college, I began to research how best to accomplish this task. Every other collector I spoke with had only good comments when it came to Heritage. After a year of exploring, it became obvious that your firm was the finest in its field.

Heritage examined the inventory list I had sent and had accepted it for auction in its entirety. Heritage has been incredibly helpful and patient with me and my many questions, and I owe him a great you of gratitude.

Your work has been incredibly helpful and informative.

I would be remiss if I did not express my thanks for the catalogue you sent me which contained my six books that were in the November Signature Auction held November 13-15, 2008. This beautiful book will allow my daughters and eventually their children to see what their grandfather did for a hobby. This really means a great deal to my wife and me.

In closing, I again want to thank everyone at Heritage. I have more books that I will consign when the books I previously sent have been auctioned off. I look forward to the future auctions of our comics. Continued success to everyone at Heritage and know that I am most appreciative of your greatest asset, your professionalism.
A. S.,  New Paltz, NY

What a great experience. It was a lot of fun watching it all on Saturday. We are so excited about how it turned out. So very happy.
A.S.,  Corona Del Mar, CA

I can bid with confidence that I will obtain lots at the lowest possible price in Heritage auctions.
D.S.,  Miamisburg, OH

The HNAI staff does an excellent job, and they are a pleasure to deal with.
D.S.,  Shawnee Mission, KS

I think you run a very good auction.
D.S.,  Shelbyville, KY

Overall, you do a very good professional job.
G.S.,  Rosemead, CA

I was very satisfied with your service. The price realized was very fair.
H.S.,  Levittown, PA

Bidding in auctions like yours is certainly the best way to buy coins. Great selection, time to evaluate your bids and the price you want. Your catalogs are always well made and enjoyable to read and look at.
J.S.,  Fairfield, OH

Your friendly, professional staff does a first rate job.
J.S.,  Johnstown, PA

Very good selection of scarce material as well as some for the average collector.
J.S.,  Rochester, MN

In all my dealings with Heritage, I have been most satisfied. Your staff is excellent and your promptness in lot delivery is great. Catalogs are 1st class.
J.S.,  Salisbury, NC

I wanted to express my THANKS" for sending the catalogues. I will be on the look out for a hardbound copy of your first sale, and I wish you and HNAI well with the continuation of the same!"
K.S.,  Lincoln, NE

I like the phone" book coin catalogs and am very pleased with the staff's performance. I will continue bidding on your sales."
P.S.,  Sioux Falls, SD

Your advertising is quality. Your information makes it easy for me to make decisions.
R.S.,  Point Pleasant, NJ

I have found that Heritage deserves its reputation for providing excellent customer service. One thing I really like about Heritage is the fact that you inspect the books for special value. Heritage has done an exceptional job at culling high-grade books from runs I send them, then forwarding those books to CGC for grading and slabbing. Frankly, the prices realized on some of these books are just this side of unbelievable. Heritage has done, and continues to do, a great job selling our collection. With thousands of comic books still in the garage, I look forward to continuing a great partnership – until our children graduate, or I finally run out of comics.
Bruce Scott,  Alaska

We were very happy to see the results from the Heritage September Coin Auction in Long Beach where our $50 California Territorial gold coin did so well. Although my inlaws are sad to see the coin go (after being in their family for over 60 years) they are thrilled with the outcome of the auction. I am glad that I took your suggestion about producing the video description- I believe that it is quite obvious that it really made a huge difference for the better. Thanks also for sending me a copy of the DVD and an additional catalogue which I will forward to them in the Phillipines.

I am quite pleased with my first experience with Heritage as a consignor and look forward to the upcoming Space collectibles Auction and next year's rare book auction where I will be consigning as well. Thank you so much for all your guidance and assistance throughout the auction process. Your comments and explanations really helped to answer every concern my inlaws had expressed. I look forward to working with you again in the future sometime.
James M. Sigler

Thanks to Heritage I realized a handsome profit for my coin submissions and intend to send most of the remainder of my collection to Heritage Auction Galleries for future auctions.
[Entire Letter]
Terrance Syrek


Running a good operation... makes attending a Heritage auction fun.
A.T.,  Springfield, MO

It's simply amazing to participate in one of your auctions.
B.T.,  San Diego, CA

Just one last thanks for your help with the $100 note from Brownwood, TX. The check arrived this morning. I really enjoyed surprising my mother-in-law. The look of astonishment on her face was worth any trouble I might have gone through. Some days are pretty good!:)

Excellent firm. Please keep up the professional work.
C.T.,  Bristol, TN

My wife Alice and I want to take this opportunity to thank Heritage and all of its employees for over 10 years of exceptional service. We have used Heritage as a major supplier for our numismatic business needs for over a decade now. Heritage has provided essentially flawless service. The billing is always correct, the cataloging is great and the web site is outstanding. We buy coins and currency from various Heritage auctions weekly and we have many hundreds of lots shipped to us yearly from Heritage. We have been doing this for over a decade now. It is amazing but we have never had one item lost or delivered incorrectly. That is a truly superb accomplishment for any company and it speaks volumes about the skill of the Heritage management team and the quality of the Heritage employees. We look forward to doing business with Heritage for many decades to come.

The coins arrived today. Thank you very much for the special service. You are one of the reasons Heritage is such a great company to work with. Very Special!
P.,  Vero Beach, FL

I have been very satisfied with the performance and the variety of coins offered in your sales.
P.T.,  Aston, PA

I thought the auction catalog I just received with the silver dollar collection was by far the best you ever put out. It is great as a reference manual as it contains tons of useful historical info on the series themselves. The graphics are original and excellent, and everything is in full color. did the consignor subsidize the cost of this publication? If not, why the special treatment...and how can you afford to show so few coins on a page and even the inexpensive ones in full color? Hopefully all of your future sales can look like this...the catalog rocks!!!


Your Black & White photos are the best in the business.
D.U.,  Meriden, CT

I was very pleased with the professionalism of your organization during my last two auction consignments. I look forward to our continued ‘partnership.’
J.U.,  Holland, MI

Your knowledge of comic art and the professional, timely, and courteous treatment I received has been superb! You are a class organization to work with, who removed the stress from this whole process. The service and professionalism went beyond my expectations.
P. U.,  New York, NY


RE: 1943 Steel Cent. Thank you very much for your reply and more so for the history. My mother will be disappointed she does not have the rare coin but also interested in the history. It was just that report that you mentioned that got my mom so excited. Again, thank you for the reply and the education. You were not the only person I mailed, but you were the only answer I received, this speaks volumes for your character. Thank You So Much.
M.V.,  Albuquerque, NM


My impressions of the Heritage organization are as follows: professional, knowledgeable, commitment to get best marketing strategy, organized, informative, straightforward, adaptive to clients' needs. Really an effortless way to sell one's coins and still reap their current value.
C.W.,  Metairie, LA

I find dealing with your auction company to be a continually pleasing experience.
D.W.,  Dallas, TX

Every aspect is handled so professionally yet with the right mix of humor and fun.
D.W.,  Lake Placid, FL

I have used only Heritage in disposing of my collection.
E.W.,  Crestview Hills, KY

Thank you for all that you did to make the auction sale of my silver and art glass consignment a tremendous success. From your initial evaluation, to the production of a stunning catalog, to the realization of prices well beyond my expectations, Heritage deserves high praise for a job well done.

During our initial meeting, your depth of knowledge and expertise inspired confidence, and made my decision to consign to Heritage an easy one. My confidence in Heritage was reaffirmed when I received the catalog in which my consignment was featured. The catalog cover was simply beautiful, the images of consigned items were of superb quality, and the auction lot descriptions clearly conveyed the important details of each item.

While I appreciated your professionalism and the quality of your catalog production, I was most pleased with the prices that my consigned items realized in your auction. Several highlights come to mind: a Gallé vase realized over $55,000, a tea set realized over $31,000, and a single silver spoon realized over $5,000! These prices greatly exceeded my expectations. I was extremely pleased with prices realized, to say the very least.

Once again, thanks to all at Heritage Auction Galleries for your excellent service, and most of all, for outstanding results.
H. W.,  Memphis, TN

Heritage produces astounding catalogs. Anyone who cannot easily bid in a Heritage auction, can't bid anywhere.
H.W.,  Memphis, TN

Top notch. No complaints. Would consider no one else to handle my material.
K.W.,  Cupertino, CA

In mechanics of advertising and running an auction, Heritage does an excellent job.
L.W.,  Houston, TX

I just have to say that you have great people -- who take care of things instantaneously! Very impressive.
M.,  Woodland Hills, CA

I am writing to express my delight at Heritage’s handling of my consignment of my late husband’s collections. It has been twenty years since his passing, and one reason I have not moved sooner to sell this material is that I really had not found an auction firm in which I could feel complete confidence. But when I saw the Heritage web site and realized how many specialized auctions you have which would be appropriate for his eclectic accumulation, my interest was definitely piqued.

I had several lengthy conversations with the director of your Americana department, and found myself feeling very comfortable with his knowledge of the material and his ideas for how Heritage could effectively handle it. We agreed on an auction plan, and three more Heritage staffers flew up to help through literally a houseful of material to select and inventory the best items for auction. In the end, there were over five campaign items, fine art, World War 1 collectibles, antique firearms, and more.

He gave me what he called his “seat of the pants” estimate of what he though the material would bring, and as we near the end of the process it seems he was right on the money. I have been terribly impressed by how effectively my items have been presented in your catalogs, and by the fact that less than 1% of the items have failed to sell. Clearly your people know their business.

This has been in some ways an emotional and stressful process for me, but you have been wonderful in explaining each stage and addressing any questions or concerns I may have had. I feel like my husband’s much-loved collections have been treated with the utmost care and expertise, and I am so grateful to Heritage for creating nothing but positive memories for me of the auction experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Heritage to any other potential consignor, particularly someone like myself who had minimal knowledge of the material, and had to essentially place myself in your hands. Thank you very much for in every way meeting my expectations.

I was very pleased with the personal attention I was given.
P.W.,  Baltimore, MD

All in all — very excellent operation.
R.W.,  Grayslake, IL

I received the catalog and was very impressed with its color illustrations, descriptions and attractive layout. (It has better production values than the New York houses.)
Ted,  Gold Beach, OR

I would like to express my appreciation to you for your assistance in the sale of my coin collection which included the Lord St. Oswald, MS65, 1795 Half Dollar. Your guidance as to which coins to certify and then which coins to resubmit were certainly among the most important contributing factors to the strong prices realized for the collection.
[Entire Letter]
Gerardo Weinstein

Selling the White rose Collection was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. If/when you are considering selling your treasured collection, it would be in your best interest to consider Heritage. Heritage is truly nonpareil!!
[Entire Letter]
The White Rose Collection

I would like to compliment you and your staff for surpassing my expectations! I had done some on-line research before selecting Heritage Auction Galleries to handle the sale of my collectibles and was encouraged by what I learned. After contacting you, Heritage mailed me very impressive introduction materials along with easy to understand contract terms. Upon receiving my items, you were quite prompt in having them appraised and listed in your next auction. I was able to follow the progression via your excellent web site from beginning to final sale. You researched each item extensively and presented them in a most flattering and accurate manner. After viewing the first batch listed, I was certain I had made the correct decision in going with Heritage! I received constant e-mail updates from you personally – not from some delegated underling. Your individual attention and service has been of the very highest caliber. Most importantly, Heritage sold my items for appreciably higher amounts than even anticipated!
S.J. Witte


I have dealt with all the major firms, but only Heritage meets my expectations of professionalism.
B.Y.,  Verona, NJ


You are excellent to do business with.
G.Z.,  Boca Raton, FL

Received your check for my small collection of certified Morgan dollars, and I must say that you exceeded my expectation. I had already decided on a minimum that I would accept, and the high end of what I had hoped for and your offer was more than my high end. Thank you, and I am sure we will do business again.
R.Z.,  Hypoluxo, FL

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